This shipping describes the contractual arrangements. Under this, the shipper engages different forwarders for some shipment legs. This transportation is conducted according to multiple contracts with different barriers. Here, you can expect less handling of cargo during the trip, which can reduce costs. Intermodal transportation is also considered eco-friendly.

Why use Intermodal services

For long-distance shipments- Intermodal is a good choice for shippers who move loads to more than 750 miles. In case, if your truck has to move your load for more than one day, then you will most likely benefit from the Intermodal services.

Low & Medium value shipments- A combination of modes can work better for the low and medium shipments. Most businesses use Intermodal transportations for reducing transportation costs.

Regular shipping of similar products- If you’re shipping similar products on a regular basis, then Intermodal service is considered most of the time.

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